Dark Hearts

Dark Hearts is a web serial that is updated on a weekly basis. Written by Tiana Hearts, with considerable contributions to the plot and characters by Katherine Bows. The story is based on sessions of the table top roleplaying game Girl By Moonlight, created by Andrew Gillis. The most recent playtest document of the game can be found here.

The series is based mostly on the events of the sessions of Girl By Moonlight (hence why each arc is called a session), however some events have been dramatized, created, or added to for the sake of the story, as well as writing from a first-person view. All character deaths and major events come from the gameplay. If any character, even Rachel, dies in play, I will not be fudging the story to keep them alive. The series follows a group of young heroes fighting back against an oppressive and secretive government regime which has outlawed unsanctioned use of powers. People with powers in this universe are called spirit-touched, mortals who were given gifts by powerful benefactors in the spirit world. They can call on these powers and transcend into a superhuman state for a limited amount of time. When their powers have been pushed to their limits, they need to return to a mundane state while their powers recharge.

The protagonist of Dark Hearts is Rachel, a girl who is touched by an ancient fire deity, called The Cinder. You can learn more about Rachel, The Cinder, and other important characters here.

Thank you so much for supporting my work. I hope you enjoy reading Dark Hearts as much as I enjoy writing it.

About the Author

Tiana Hearts is an American author and playwright based in California, originally from Washington. Tiana grew up watching and reading about superheroes and has always had a fascination with them. Upon playing a few sessions of Girl By Moonlight, Tiana knew she had to write a story based on the wonderful characters and interesting world the campaign had created. Tiana has many influences, the first of which is the rules and mechanics of Andrew Gillis’ Girl By Moonlight roleplaying game, which is the whole reason this exists. Another major influence is that of Wildbow, John C. McCrae, who wrote the web serial worm, which inspired Tiana to write in a similar format. Tiana was also heavily inspired by the book Dreadnought, and it’s sequel, Sovereign, writen by April Daniels, as they are excellent examples of queer fiction. Tiana was also inspired by various superhero shows and movies she saw during her childhood, such as the movies of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the Teen Titans and Code Lyoko television series and the Marvel Ultimate Alliance video game series. Magical Girl may seem to be an odd genre choice for someone who grew up on western animation and stories, but Tiana enjoys the format and story telling devices that are only really available in this type of the story. It is quite simply an awesome format for queer storytelling. Almost all of the main characters in the story are queer in someway and that’s absolutely crucial to the story Tiana wants to tell.

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