Suggested Reading

Tiana is inspired by many awesome authors! She has a whole list of these authors to check out and support if you like her work!

Andrew Gillis

Andrew Gillis is the writer of the game that inspired Dark Hearts in the first place and I would be remised not to mention them first. Girl by Moonlight is a wonderful roleplay experience and one that I recommend every try at least once. Andrew is working on perfecting the game and it’s still in playtesting, but I highly recommend that you support them and contribute to their playtest.

Check out Andrew’s game.

Jenna Moreci

Jenna Moreci is an author and Youtuber. At the time of writing, she has released two books (Eve: The Awakening and The Savior’s Champion) and is working on a third (The Savior’s Sister). She also posts frequent writing advice, unboxing videos, and generally good writing content to her youtube channel. Not only does she provide excellent advice and books, but she also teaches classes on Skillshare. Huh, she sure does a lot of work… almost like she’s a cyborg or something… weird.

Jenna’s books are amazingly well written and deep, with compelling plots and characters. Her videos have actually helped and inspired Tiana many a time when writing Dark Hearts. They have helped inspired Tiana to get back to writing, just as much as they have distracted her when she should be writing. Jenna’s content is amazing, and if you like Dark Hearts, her work was a major influence.

Check out Jenna’s website.

Check out Jenna’s channel.

R.W. Taylor

R.W. Taylor is the author of six wonderful books all priced between 99 cents and absolutely free. While all the books are quite interesting reads of particular interest to my readers would be Techno English and Hunt. R.W. has a style in which he is able to make interesting social/political commentary without feeling heavy-handed or preachy. He also has an ability to blend commentary with action and compelling plots. R.W. is an extremely talented writer and has the range to write in many different genres.

R.W.’s site is easy to navigate and works smoothly on both mobile and desktop. His stories are available on multiple platforms and stores and very accessible. R.W. is an extremely talented author and I personally look forward to following his career.

Check out R.W.’s website

April Daniels

April Daniels is both an activist and author. She frequently fights for the rights of trans people, as well as other marginalized groups. Her work has put a wonderful spotlight on the trans characters but doesn’t read like a misery tour or preachy. April has written the Nemesis series which includes Dreadnought, Sovereign and a currently untitled third book. The book features a trans protagonist and many other wonderful representations of underrepresented minorities. The character of Chimera took inspiration from Danny, the protagonist of both books.

Check out April’s Goodreads page.

Wildbow (J.C. McCrae)

Wildbow brought the serial genre back for the internet age. His series Worm revolutionized storytelling and inspired Tiana to write Dark Hearts as a serial as opposed to a typical novel. Worm, as well as Wildbow’s other serials, have been a massive influence on Tiana. Worm is THE definitive web serial and cannot be recommended enough.

Read Worm here.

Check out Wildbow’s Goodreads page.