Main Cast

Rachel LeFeu/Phoenix

Rachel (she/her) is the main protagonist of Dark Hearts. She is an 18 year old senior at Archduke Valentin’s Boarding School in the city of Oru. She was born as a member of one of the world’s most famous superhero families, the Flamewakes, and has had her powers and a connection to her Patron, The Cinder, since birth. When her father turned on the rest of her family and killed them all she was left as the last Flamewake. She’s been training since then to take down her father and the regime that cost her family. Her transcended powers consist of the ability to create and control fire, as well as the ability to disappear into a “Cinder State” in which she unable to touch anything or be seen or touched by anything. Her powers are fueled by rage, hatred, and passion.


Dragon (she/her) was the first hero to team up with Rachel and help her fight against Archduke Valentin’s regime. Rachel doesn’t know much about her civilian identity, all she really knows is that Dragon is a female student at the Boarding School. Dragon has only had her powers for a few years and joined with Rachel just a month after she first got them. Her transcended powers consist of the ability to breath a blast of liquid nitrogen, the ability to fly with wings which sprout from her back, and incredibly dense armor made of a mixture of ice and chitin. Her benefactor is Ienath, an ancient dragon who ascended to godhood in death. Her powers are fueled by intelligence.


Chimera (she/her) was the second hero to join with Phoenix and Dragon. She seemingly came out of nowhere, just appearing in Oru one day. Despite her inexperience, the media latched onto her as the face of the group, as she fit the look of the traditional superhero more than Dragon or Phoenix. While Dragon is a scaled beast and Phoenix is in black and red body armor, Chimera has a classic blue costume with white and black accents, including a flowing with cape. She’s clearly human looking and generally considered attractive, so the media naturally was more drawn to her. Her transcended powers consist of telekinesis, with which she can move objects and people, allow herself to fly and create a shield of telekinetic energy.  She also gains a magic, three tailed whip upon transforming, which stuns a target upon making contact. Her benefactor is simply known as the Spirit of the Chimera, a mantle which passes from one Chimera to the next. She has access to the memories of all the previous Chimeras. Her powers are fueled by serenity and calm emotions, as such, stress can easily overwhelm her.

Sarah Garvey

Sarah (she/her) is the Senior class president at Archduke Valentin’s Boarding School. She is a resident assistant in the Freshman dorms and an extremely hard working student. She’s always idolized superheroes and has been obsessed with them for a while. She has a crush on Chimera and has wanted to do whatever she can to help and support the three local heroes in Oru. She doesn’t have powers, but is willing to do whatever she can to be a hero without them.


Dante LeFeu-Scott/Heatstroke

Dante (he/him) is the father of Rachel, a former superhero and member of the Flamewake clan. Born Dante Scott, he received powers and become a beneficiary of The Cinder when he married Elise LeFeu. He spent over two decades as a hero and became a respected member of the Flamewakes. He also had two children, Zion and Rachel, who became the Flamewakes known as Blaze and Phoenix. Dante mysteriously betrayed and killed his wife for reasons still unknown, he then proceeded to kill the entire rest of the Flamewakes, excluding his daughter Phoenix. His transcended powers consist of the ability to create and control fire, as well as the ability to teleport through any fire he can see. His powers are fueled by rage, hatred and passion.

Archduke Albin Valentin

Archduke Valentin (he/him) is the emperor of Chireus and one of the most powerful spirit-touched beings to ever exist. He has the power to turn hearts dark, corrupting people and making them their darkest selves. Nobody is quite sure how he does it or how the process even works, but the citizens of Chireus live in fear and subordination. If someone is to step out of line, they disappear for a while and come back changed. When the Archduke got his powers, he began a hostile takeover of Chireus and remade it in his own image. Archduke Valentin’s beneficiary is Edelstein, an ancient spirit of deception and ambition.

Side Characters


Kitsune (she/her) is a mysterious masked hero who defends Oru, and the wider area of Chireus as a solo hero. Despite a large effort to recruit her by Dragon and Chimera, she has so far refused to join up with them. Her powers are mysterious and strange, as are her motives. She is mostly silent and largely protective of whatever information she learns, even when interacting with other heroes. Kitsune’s powers, as most people understand them, are the ability to tell when someone is lying, advances skills as an empath, and the ability to cause people’s bodies to “short-circuit” making their hand slip, their knee buckle, or their brain hesitate for just a second. This ability has to be timed expertly, but Kitsune seems to be a master of this. Kitsune’s benefactor is Raev-bane, the spirit of secrets. Kitsune’s power is fueled by knowing the secrets of others, the more secrets she has on someone, the stronger her power is against them.


The Cinder

The Cinder (they/them) is the spirit of rage and fire. Centuries ago they gave their patronage and a portion of their power to a man named Leon LeFeu. Leon married a girl named Margaux and upon their marriage, she too was touched by The Cinder and gained powers. Since then, every member of the LeFeu family, either by birth or by marriage, has gained powers from The Cinder. The Cinder is a being of immense power, even when compared to other spirits and is one of the most honored and respected spirits on both the mortal and spirit world.

Ienath, Winter Incarnate

Ienath, Winter Incarnate (they/them) was once a mortal dragon that existed on the mundane plane. Ienath became so feared and renowned that their power could rival that of the spirits. When Ienath finally fell, their spirit had such great energy and power that their spirit lived on in the Spirit world. Ienath eventually found a way to give mortals a portion of their power, as spirits have done for centuries. Ienath is fairly young for a spirit and is still attempting to earn respect.

The Spirit of the Chimera

The Spirit of the Chimera (they/them) is a spiritual being that exists only on the mundane plane. The Spirit simply appeared one day, centuries ago in a hidden mountain range in the Alps. A small group of people in the village below the mountain built a temple to the spirit. Unlike most of the benefactors to spirit-touched individuals, The Spirit of the Chimera bonds with the host, giving them all the memories of each former Chimera, as well as the ability to transcend. The Spirit of the Chimera and all of the Chimeras are worshiped on the mundane plane by a small group of monks. The Spirit of the Chimera is generally considered an oddity and an unknown to all but those who have held the mantle, even remaining an enigma to the other spirits.


Edelstein (they/them) is the spirit of deception and ambition. They are a spirit that some believe to be as old as time and are believed to be the first spirit to give powers to a human. Edelstein is seen as an immensely powerful spirit, stronger by far than even The Cinder. Despite how widely they are known, information about them is scarce. Even the spirits seem to fear them.


Raev-bane (they/them) is the spirit of secrets. They are a spirit represented by foxes, and it is said that any fox in the mundane world could be a spy for Raev-bane, collecting secrets for their master. It is unknown what exactly Raev-bane does with the secrets they collect, but it seems to bring them power, if Kitsune is any evidence. It is believed by many that Raev-bane collects secrets from spirits too, and that their foxes may freely travel into the Spirit world.